About EzStaff

"Connecting Schools and Casual Teachers"

EzStaff is a refined communication tool that creates a solution to the cost (it is 100% free for schools and a minimal cost for CRTs) and time involved in acquiring, hiring, and sorting out relief staff. It is designed to create a way for CRTs to be visible to a large amount of schools, stop unnecessary phone calls early in the morning, and give the control of who a school hires back to the school without creating extra work. EzStaff has self generating (and forever evolving) reports and paperwork that comply with admin requirements. EzStaff is the future of CRT management.

How it all began

The story of EzStaff

Over 7 years ago whilst I was working as a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) in New Zealand, I became constantly frustrated with the lack of standardisation and coherency in being booked as a CRT. I hated the morning phone calls, the lack of “knowing what was happening”, the lack of ability to plan ahead without insulting schools with a “sorry I’m busy” and I couldn’t understand why a better system hadn’t been devised. So, I sat down and started planning. After months of note taking and designing, I created the schematics for EzStaff and applied for a patent and then went looking for a way in which my product could be implemented. However, without financial backing and technology being where it needed to be, the idea was placed on ‘the back burner’ and I accepted a job as a full time teacher.

Not long into my teaching career I took on the role of CRT manager. It was then that I saw the frustration and cost was two sided.

The amount of time I was spending chasing good CRT's, keeping spreadsheets of contacts and fixing problems that some of the unknown CRT's caused was phenomenal.

A few years later, my family and I returned to Australia, and I entered the “CRT pool” once again - I quickly identified the same issues existed here, and these were compounded by high agency costs, for not only the CRT, but the school as well. So, after resurrecting my project, finding financial backing, finding some amazing people to work alongside me, checking interest in the market place, and making sure technology could handle my idea, I decided to give it another go. I am passionate about my product and I believe that EzStaff will have a positive impact on CRT management from the perspective of schools and CRTs alike and is the future of CRT Management.

Evan Rutherford, Director

The EzStaff Team:

The team that gives EzStaff life

Director, Evan Rutherford has been working in and around education most of his career. He currently works part time as an ICT manager and Media teacher with previous experience in Australia as a classroom teacher and CRT and in New Zealand as an ICT manager, Intermediate School teacher and as a sales rep/area manager for a large chemical distribution company.

Evan's wife, Kate Rutherford, is the financial manager and secretary of EzStaff. She has worked as a financial manager for small businesses, owned and operated her own bakery and is currently working as a stay home mum.

Marketing Manager and Sales Rep, Craig Macdonald has management experience in small business and the training and education sector and also as an Opera Singer and Nurse.

Craig's wife, Sue Lyons is a Sales Manager/Representative, and has owned and managed several small businesses in the food and beverage industry and in allied healthcare. Apart from her roles with EzStaff, Sue continues to practice as a Brain Gym Consultant, Remedial Massage Therapist & Naturopath.

As parents of primary school age children, the management of EzStaff have a shared vision for children’s education that includes a desire that their classroom experience is safe, consistent, positive and enriching. We believe that EzStaff can contribute to the achievement of this vision by providing an efficient link between schools and quality CRTs whilst simultaneously delivering savings to time and the all-important budget bottom line.