EZStaff for CRTs

Every year a huge percentage of all CRT positions in Australia are filled through employment agencies. Not all schools register with all agencies. EzStaff enables you to broaden your exposure to schools in your nominated area and gives you the control to manage your availability. Only when a position is accepted will a nominal charge be made for the connection service.

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It's as Ez as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Sign up

There are two main ways to sign into EzStaff - through an invite by a school or by pressing the “sign up” button at the top of our home screen. On doing either one of these, you will be asked to fill out some basic details, then submit your registration. Your approval will be confirmed within 24hrs.

Step 2: Maintain your calendar and profile

It is in your interest to ensure the accuracy of your calendar and profile as this maximises your chance of being offered a position. The more accurate the details and information, the higher your chances of success.

Step 3: Monitor your mobile, ready for schools to contact you.

When you receive an offer, you have the option to accept or reject the offer. Monitor your sms’s to make sure you do not miss an opportunity. Schools have the ability to offer to multiple CRTs if the position is imminent and time limits on the offer may be set.

Hints for success

  • Always have data enabled and when prompted "remember password" - this will ensure your ability to respond quickly!
  • Keep your calendar up to date (maybe set a weekly alarm to remind you to do this every Saturday).
  • Set an individual SMS alert for EzStaff messages. This will help you recognise when it is a work alert.
  • Keep your phone close to the bed when asleep
  • Set up an EzStaff Icon for quick reference
  • Let schools know you are on the system.
  • Remind schools to give you a rating (as this will put you "above the rest").
  • Keep an eye out on our Facebook site - we will have hints on how to get call backs, where to find PD, and provide a space for you to collaborate with other EzStaff users.

Advantages for CRT's

  • EzStaff provides access to a huge range of local schools
  • EzStaff reduces costs and maximises pay - you are only charged a nominal fee for the service upon securing a teaching position. You will be paid the full DEECD rate (not the industry standard rate paid by some agencies)
  • EzStaff has a calendar feature that allows easy viewing of job status
  • EzStaff ensures you only receive job requests when you are available
  • EzStaff lets you decide when you're available and conveys this to schools
  • EzStaff lets you decide how far to travel and which schools you wish to be available to teach in
  • Being booked by EzStaff allows full AEU support and benefits
  • EzStaff have a Facebook page designed to connect you with ideas and opportunities to enhance your teaching experiences.