EzStaff FAQs

School FAQ's

How much will EzStaff cost our school?
How long does it take to make a booking?
What are your business hours?
Will EzStaff benefit our school in other ways?
Can we choose who we employ?
Can we choose our favourite CRTs?
What if someone doesn't update their calendar?
Are we bound to only use EzStaff?
Our school is with an agency, do we need to break our contract?

Relief Teacher (CRT) FAQ's

How much will EzStaff cost me?
Who will pay me?
Are there any hidden costs?
Can people upgrade and get higher ratings?
Will all schools see my ratings?
What if I'm not available for a few days or don't want to work at a school?
What if I get a job with another agency or at a school?
If I am with an Agency, can I still join?
Are there other benefits of using EzStaff?