EzStaff in Schools

EzStaff has been designed with schools in mind. We recognise that arranging suitable relief staff is currently time consuming and costly. Traditionally obtaining relief staff is the responsibility of the Assistant Principal either working through an in house generated list of potential CRTs or by using employment agencies (or both). Staff absences usually arise at inconvenient times and contacting relief staff is hit and miss. EzStaff addresses these problems by providing a seamless solution to relief staffing.

Signing up with EzStaff

As Ez as 1, 2, 3!

1. Sign up

Visit www.ezstaff.com.au, follow the 3 step log in process, alter any details as required.

2. Invite preferred CRT's to join EzStaff

EzStaff can help you with this process. Upon registration, fill in the CRT nomination form, choose the teachers that fit your school ethos - we will contact these CRT’s and recommend they sign up (you could also give them a sign up form). As other Schools come on board more and more quality CRTs will be added to the register.

3. Cover an Absence

Whether it is months in advance, the next day, or the next hour, you will have the flexibility to deal with the situation and cover the absence quickly and efficiently.

How to fill an absence

As Ez as 1, 2, 3!

1: Using the booking page

Search date/s required and a list of AVAILABLE staff for the day will appear with your preferred CRTs on the top. Refine your search to match specific skills e.g. Music, Phys Ed, Computing, Science and specific levels e.g. Prep, Yr 12. After school, weekends, holidays… no hassle - fill the positions when it suits you!

2: Relax

Wait for a response!

3: Relief teacher confirms position offered

Upon the CRT confirming the position, daily staffing records, verification documents, etc are updated and ready for printing and signing when CRT checks in to the school office.

Advantages for Schools

  • Quick, Easy, and Versatile
  • Allows schools to manage who they have in their classrooms
  • Ability book CRTs daily or months in advance
  • Ability to target CRT skill areas
  • Ability to prioritise CRTs internally with our 1-5 star rating system
  • Automatically generates daily CRT list and time sheets
  • Ability to delegate authority for CRT management
  • Multi platform - Apple/Android, Phones, Tablets, PCs
  • No charges to the school, ever!
  • You can make multiple offers for one or more positions. This is particularly useful when time is of the essence! Eg. When you get a call at 7.30am and need to cover it quickly, only available teachers will appear, you can select up to 5 then first in best dressed!
  • Ongoing future support - EzStaff will work with the school and department of education to provide accurate and timely data/reports and modification to the App as needed to ensure the App remains up to date and meets the needs of all parties.

And Much More!